The wonderful world of Rosina Wachtmeister and Gabila

Rosina Wachtmeister was born in Vienna in 1939 and lived on Lake Attersee until the age of fourteen. In 1953 she moved to Brazil where she studied sculpture in the Fine Arts School of Porto Alegre. In 1980 she began the production of posters - firstly for the Dutch publisher Verkerke - who had such a wide distribution that they became known throughout the world.
After having published twenty-two books, countless lithographs and, more recently, a comprehensive line of porcelain produced by the German company Goebel, Rosina is still creating.
In the large garden of the house where she lives, in Capena, not far from Rome, surrounded by music, trees and plants, Rosina breeds cats, dogs, peacocks, pelicans, geese, chickens, pigeons and doves, many of the creatures that are still the source of rich inspiration.
The exhibition is a journey into the colourful world, full of feeling and joy of this artist, and is enriched with the works of Gabila Musumeci, Rosina's daughter, in addition to the talent of the family - her father Paul Rissone Musumeci was  also a famous painter - exhibits her own inclination, delicate and tenderly poetic. The works of Gabila are interesting and are borne from the collaboration with other artists, poets and musicians, which she translates into images and sound suggestions related to the word.

Gabila Rissone Musumeci


Confronto di artiste - Un 'avventura dello spirito

The exhibition Confronto di artiste - Un'avventura dello spirito proposes in the same space the postmodern experimentation of Donatella Vici - painter, video artist, restorer - and the borderline visionary painting of Shina Paula Argenti, two Italian artists with a European feel.Two complementary opposing worlds will be measured: on the one hand, unusual materials, the bare essentials, the zen suggestive white, the inventiveness and severity of the installations and videos of Donatella; and secondly the delicate timbre of large pastel paintings by Shina Paula, her lyrical world transfigured, poised between formal and informal.

Shina Paula Argenti was born in Terni, where she still lives and works. Her artistic training has been enriched through the encounter with Irmo Gatti and Aurelio De Felice. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has also had solo exhibitions in many Italian cities and Paris.

Donatella Vici


Le tre anime di Pia
Pia Broggio: works from 1980 to 2007

Pia Broggio began painting in the late seventies and her informal style is full of colour, delicate and light just like her, petite artist with red hair and blue eyes.
Over the years, little by little, the work of Pia has become more sensitive and the delicacy of her touch more precious, incorporating fragments of poems and figures of the twentieth century France, the language which remains her chosen one.
She also ventures into collage technique, filling with scraps of lived memory the impalpable habitat of the abstract.
Today, on the threshold of maturity, painfully aware, Pia's paintings are enriched by the presence of evocations on the edge of the figurative: even a mirrored self-portrait, timid and realistic at the same time, appears in this new world overflowing with a need for expressiveness and that finds emotive accents, subdued lighting and shadows like sighs, for a break and for the most shocking events of the planet.
In recent years, the second soul of Pia is one that has succumbed to the temptation to appropriate the great tradition of masterly painting. Paintings carried out with wisdom reproduce works of Corot, Courbet, Fontanesi, De Pisis astonishing for their skill and allow us to savour the memories of days gone by.
In a sort of spontaneous retaliation, or simply the result of an unstoppable lucid urge, today and for some time, Pia adds to all of this her joyful creativity. Late daughter of pop art, made of minute materials from all sources - bric-à-brac, old fashion houses, antique and new costume jewelry - which revive as part of small sculptures or installations in miniature: from objects "found" in everyday life to new subjects, fantasy or memory, boîtes à Joujou  of the artist, that in the patient practice of these micro-assemblage distills her own delight and the delight of our inner-child which is hidden in each of us.

Pia Broggio was born in Rome where she lives with her family. She has a degree in French Language and Literature and teaches French in school.

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