Giuseppe Galzerano was born March 22, 1953 in the countryside of Castelnuovo Cilento (Sa). Graduated in Pedagogy and Literature, founder and publisher of the homonymous publishing house, he is interested in social history and the history of revolutionary labour movement.

He publishes books on anarchism, antifascism, migration, struggles of the people , subaltern culture and issues concerning the South.

Collaborator with Italian and foreign newspapers, he has written numerous essays on historical and civic commitments, short stories, novels and was co-author with Antonio Margariti  of America! America!.
In 1979 he was a finalist at the Viareggio Awards and gold medalist at the Premio Villa S. Giovanni.

Since 2003, he publishes the series Arte Spettacolo Strumenti.

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Lucia Di Luciano was born in Syracuse and studied in Rome at the Accademia di Belle Arti. She participated in the artistic research of the sixties as a leading exponent of "Gruppo 63" and in 1964 "Gruppo Operativo R".

After the group experience, she has continued her artistic career, always focusing on experimental studies of concrete art structured by a radical and programmatic design. She has participated in exhibitions in which her painting experience relates to her research into contemporary music.

"Essenzialità - 2001" is one of her latest studies, consisting of fifty-five paintings entitled "I gradienti", created specially for the Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea dell'Università di Roma, "La Sapienza", where she had an exhibition in 2002. One of her most important exhibitions in recent years was at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in 2007.


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Gabila Rissone Musumeci was born in Brazil, in Porto Alegre. Following in the family tradition - her father was the painter Paul Rissone, and her mother is Rosina Wachtmeister. Gabila moved to Rome as a child where, in her parents' of art and craft workshop near the Pantheon, she learned to carve wood, draw and paint.

At the same time she studied piano at Santa Cecilia and also attended art school at the Conservatorio for a while. In addition to producing numerous works - paintings, posters, objects of design, decorations on fabric, collage - with her natural talent of illustrator, Gabila often collaborated with other artists to translate their images into poetic and fantastic inventions.

In recent years, she has illustrated calendars for the German publishing house Heye and currently designs carpets for German WMK.

Gabila Rissone Musumeci lives in Capena with her family.

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