Arte Spettacolo Strumenti is a series of formative books published by Galzerano and edited by Marialisa Monna. The Quaderni and Saggi (notebooks and essays) - are two distinct sectors of the series and of different formats - they address students from the academies, conservatories, universities and specialized schools, and even those who want to study on their own. The publications of Arte Spettacolo Strumenti provide methodological tools to penetrate into the disciplines studied and to better use the wealth of information that, in the era of the Internet, is available to everyone.

After the publication of Il Corpo Parlante-Viaggio nella Danza del Novecento, Giuseppe Galzerano asked Marialisa Monna to create and run a space in which to publish works that concern the world of art, music, dance, theatre (but also architecture, painting and much more).
Emmebifactory then devised a series devoted to the specialized schools, universities, conservatories, academies and institutions, the latter two of which have had a new cultural impetus, thanks to recent legislation.
With these books, Emmebifactory want to reach not only students, but all those who love the arts and the disciplines covered.
In each of the two sections into which the series is divided (the essays and notebooks which are larger in size) each topic is dealt with by experts who have long taught with an attentive approach to the methodology rather than to information, because, in the age of Internet, information is immediately invoked, copious and undifferentiated, all with a press of a button and it is necessary to know how to use it.
The graphics of the series points to linearity and functionality, with wide margins designed for interventions by the alert and participant reader.
The covers, strictly white, are chromatically enriched with fragments of works by Lucia Di Luciano, a famous artist whose work lives in a constant, rigorous quest that has in modern times a reason to exist.


The books are available at or can be ordered from Ricordi-Feltrinelli Media Store
and in leading Italian bookshops

Come affrontare un esame di Storia della Musica – Cenni metodologici
Introduzione ai linguaggi della musica – Musica oralità scrittura
Musiche d'autore - Brani scelti da cantare,danzare, suonare
Fuori Collana
Il corpo parlante
Giuliana dai capelli di fuoco