Gli abitanti dell’interno di vetro - InHabitans
video installation simultaneously on the internet
by Donatella Vici

World prèmiere: Rome, Goethe Institut - XXIV Season of Concerts of “Musica Verticale”, Progetto Musica 2001
music by: Mauro Bagella, Enrico Cocco, Giovanna Natalini, Stefano Petrarca, Fausto Sebastiani, Serena Tamburini
duration: 1 hour  approx.

project by Content Works, Donatella Vici, Lacab Comunicazione, Mediateca Roma, Musica Verticale, concept  by Claudia Cataldi supported by



The work takes form from a poetic text "Eta, Eta, Yellow Birds" by J. Orten, a young Czech author, who died very young between the two world wars.
I always had the habit of collecting pieces of writing that somehow touched me and were in "harmony" with me at that particular moment. At the time of the creation of "Abitanti" I understood to be particularly sensitive to glass as a material (which I used extensively in the installation), both in its poetic and metaphorical meanings.
Here is a passage from Orten's text :
Ultimately, the house is made of glass. The house is made of unbreakable glass. As they say. Us. We do not ever go outside. There is no where to go. We were born here. We have been here for a long time and nothing else. They call us the inhabitants inside of the glass. The glass has several layers. We are right in the middle. And almost touch the last.The closest to us. Water surrounds us.

The installation includes six video projections on the large windows of the Auditorium. The video shows several characters living in the "glass house". They are reflected in the foreground, crushed against the glass itself demonstrating different attitudes through slow movements to the limit of visual perception. Each video is accompanied by its own music.
The implementation includes an interactive performance on the web. The inhabitants of the interior of glass become, in fact, Inhabitants through a special video installation based-on-internet. To give the figures life are the internet surfers who can interact with the video installation. Through a system of buttons, in fact, the audience can select audio-video fragments of Abitanti so that compressed files are sent to an archive. The file fragments, composed, are made available to the public network. Fragments reduced to this "digital form" can thus be reassembled at will, with intent - and by chance - thanks to the web interface "rekombinant". A computer tuned on the web, and projected onto a large screen, is available to the public present to reconstruct the Abitanti 'fragmented' in Inhabitants. Inhabitants is an invitation to the game that art plays with the internet and internet plays with art.

The video installation can still be visited at:






Sistemazione comoda (versione 2004)
duration: 4’30’’

Sistemazione comoda is one of the parts of the multimedia work Arione






Non me ne ero accorta (2003 – 05)
duration: 2’40’’



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