Emmebifactory is a studio for the ideation, planning and realization of artistic works, of culture and performance: concerts, music theatre and dance theater, books, CDs, DVDs, posters, conferences, seminars and more. These works are diffused and marketed through the mediation of various partners, first of all the publisher from Salerno, Giuseppe Galzerano. Emmebifactory, was born at the end of 2002 through the activities of Mauro Bagella, composer, Marialisa Monna, musician and tutor, and Donatella Vici, video artist.

Emmebifactory collaborates with artists, editors, cultural operators and with private and public institutions. Emmebifactory pursues innovation and experimentation. In each ambit in which it operates, the creative work of Emmebifactory is characterized by the powerful innovation and experimentation of Mauro Bagella, Donatella Vici and Marialisa Monna.
Emmebifactory puts on performances, concerts and events, videos and installations, creates CDs and DVDs that reflect such creative activity. In particular, Emmebifactory points towards the creation of multi-media and postmodern music theatre.
One of the main commitments of Emmebifactory is the realization of books for specialized teaching, the project for which the series, Arte-Spettacolo-Strumenti was created, published by Galzerano, and which is available in leading Italian bookshops.
Emmebifactory organizes conferences and seminars relating to artistic activity and book publishing.
Emmebifactory also organizes exhibitions of partner artists, preparing and presenting the works with its unique style.
Emmebifactory cares for and respects the environment - Mother Earth - and aims to transmit these values throughout all its activities.

Emmebifactory products are available or can be ordered at Ricordi-Feltrinelli Media Store and other leading Italian bookshops