Mauro Bagella
Il libro degli armonici

for piano and P.O.P.System
pianist: Ciro Longobardi
Galzerano GLZ 101

This CD contains a collection of pieces composed for piano and POPSystem ® - Piano Overtones Production System (System for the production of piano harmonics), the mechanical system designed and patented by Mauro Bagella for the production of piano harmonics.
The collection is divided into two volumes, contains 25 tracks (duration 63'30 ").

Ciro Longobardi studied piano in Naples with C. A. Lapegna, graduating with full honours. He specialized with A. Lonquich and F. Gulli, M. Bourgue, F. Rossi and B. Wambach. Finalist and best pianist at the International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition 1994, Rotterdam, and winner of the 37th Kranichsteiner Musikpreis Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt that year, he soon devoted himself to being a concert pianist, with a particular fondness for modern and contemporary repertoire . He has performed as soloist for several institutions in Italy and abroad.

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Mauro Bagella
Di Danza 1 - Di Danza 2
Galzerano GLZ 102 - 103

The imaginative quality that many acknowledge in my music, if indeed there is, I think is due to my dedicated work with dance, choreographers, and dancers. I put into dance music all my experience as a composer who studies and experiments with new sounds and aids. This album, on two CDs, contains part of this work.
In both CDs there are excerpts from the ballets
Tawantinsuyu and Porto Sicuro, written in 1992 and 1998 for Danzaricerca, the company of Daniela Capacci and from the ballet Volo fra Pensieri di Luce composed in 2001 for Sonia Nifosi's Gruppomagnetika.
The first and last piece of the second CD are dedicated to Birgit Cullberg, during her time as a guest of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in 1990 and she honoured me by accepting to create a choreography together, a project that unfortunately could not be fulfilled and of which these songs remain.
The rest is just dance music. It contains, I hope, rhythm and vitality. It is envisaged to accompany the dance hall workout or to meet any choreographer's imagination, if you find some suggestion and develop it into motion, the magic will appear again.
Thanks to my friend Piero Tauro for the cover photo.

Mauro Bagella

The CDs are available at or can be ordered from Ricordi-Feltrinelli Media Store
and in leading Italian bookshops


Mauro Bagella
Zone di confine
Artis ARCD 024

Nel cd:

Frammenti dal labirinto
for electroacoustic instruments (duration 12'11'')

Fragments of the music of the ballet Il Labirinto del Mondo by Daniela Capacci, composed for the International Dance Festival of Castiglioncello.

Il nastro di Moebius
(from a woodcut by Escher)
for prepared piano, clarinet, percussion and tape (duration 13'25'')

The composition is a kind of translation into music of a woodcut by Dutch engraver Maurits Cornelis Escher, a fantastic image of an endless ring-shaped band, The Moebius Strip, invented in the 1800's by the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius.

Dove amorose stelle concedono la felicità
for soprano, countertenor, percussion, guitar and electroacoustic instruments (duration 9'54'')

It is the first episode of the electroacoustic piece Che-“Cambiare la Prosa del Mondo” composed by Mauro Bagella, Francesco Galante, Giovanna Marini, Serena Tamburini and Nicola Sani. The piece is a kind of great sound mural in which we combine the five episodes of the individual authors. The text is a montage created by Luigi Pestalozza, of speeches and writings by Ernesto Che Guevara with lines of poems by authors from around the world and from every era.

Una dolcezza inquieta
for piano harmonics and electronic sounds (duration 14'11'')

This work, based on a poem by Eugenio Montale (I Limoni), is dedicated to the pianist Oscar Pizzo, and was composed using the POPSystem, a system for the production of harmonics of the piano, invented by the composer.

Un luogo colorato
for a percussionist and tape (duration 13'02'')

La composizione è dedicata al percussionista Gianluca Ruggeri.

This composition is dedicated to percussionist Gianluca Ruggeri. The colourful site is the rehearsal room of  the percussionist and his countless sources of colour, sometimes even completely unknown or invented instruments. The work, on a predetermined path, and as confirmed by structural magnetic tape, evokes such colors, or rather asks the interpreter to do so, so as to generate a set of overlays, substitutions, in brief, bringing different sound sources into play.

Gianfranco Zàccaro


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Della Fatica e del Suono
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